As known, the used vehicle market has rapidly grown all over the world. A thousand of exporters are eager to export Japanese used vehicles to such areas as New Zealand, Africa, and U.A.E. because they are attractive due to their quality and condition. The export of used vehicle is that easy. We, INTEROCEAN SHIPPING CORPORATION, have been an experienced booking agency for ship companies since 1948. Until now, we have contributed to customer satisfaction at the professional level in terms of securing a cargo space. We are glad to help you if you are looking for a reliable booking agency. If you know more about shipping, see Shipping Procedure. Should you have an inquiry, please do not hesitate to call us at 81-3-5117-3813 or e-mail us at Thank you very much.  
Shipping schedule as

Shipping Procedure

Shipping Procedure is as follows (At first, you have to carry your cars to the forwarder’s yard.)

① You should book spaces for the cars through us.

② If you could book spaces, you should prepare the documents(S/I, Invoice, and Export Certificate).

③ The forwarder submits the Shipping Order to the shipping company.

④ After loading, B/Ls are issued.

⑤ The shipping company makes the manifest and sends it to the local agent.

⑥ You have to submit B/Ls to the bank.

⑦ The consignee has to remit the amount of freight and cargo value to the bank, and receive the B/Ls.

⑧ The consignee has to submit the B/Ls to the local agent.

⑨ The consignee can get D/Os in exchange for B/Ls. They cannot get the cars unless take it to the assigned yard.


  • Head Office:Shikawa-Frontier Bldg,2F, 1-25-12,Shinkawa, Chuo-ku,Tokyo,104-0033 JAPAN
  • Tel +81-3-5117-3811
  • Foundation:23 july 1948
  • Capital:20,000,000 yen
  • Dealings bank:Mizuho Bank (Ginza branch)
  • President :Shigetaka Sugai
  • Staff:14 persons as of 2021/March/1
  • Business Activities
    -Liner Agencies

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Interocean Shipping Corporation has long experience in all types of shipping operations.
Carefully husbanding of your ships and crews in Japan.Halfway around the globe from home,
is our important service.Cargo handling is a critical activity affecting both shipments and ships your customers and yourselves.Our ready expertise and extensive,on site supervision of the loading and discharge of your cargo enables quick turn with safety and trustworthy operation around in port,keeping your ships operation at maximum efficiency and profitability.

We often act as agents for many of ship operators in the world in main ports also our ports here in Japan.

We are the selected member in Japan for the internationally acclaimed "Multiport Ship Agencies Network"who covered more than 112 countries,covering 1600 ports worldwide of proven integrity,quality and professionalism.

We deal with following items givens as folls : Shipping Agency
-Bulk ships/Tankers/Cruise Ships/Livestock ships and others
Chartering & Brokering
Owners Protecting & Husbandry service
Handling port formalities for ship's movement
Crew Changes,Provision,Ships supply
Disbursement of Account Management

Japan Port Map

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